1. Registration and booking confirmation
    • A booking application is made by completing an online registration form or by submitting an email or faxed copy. The customer must ensure that correct and complete contact details are supplied on the registration form.
    • By submitting a signed email or faxed application, or by completing an online registration form, the applicant indicates that he/she has read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.
    • Receipt of course booking will be confirmed and an invoice forwarded to the contact person. The invoice will contain DB Schenker Logistics Campus NMEA (Pty) Ltd (‘’DBSL Campus’’) banking details.
    • Payment of the course fee is required to confirm course registration.
    • DBSL Campus reserves the right to refuse or limit any services for training or consultation if a customer or participant fails to satisfy the requirements for the training course.
  2. Customer Cancellation
    • Scheduled training may be cancelled in writing by the customer without penalties at least 15 working days before the start date of the first scheduled session referencing the start date/time.
    • When the training is cancelled with less than 15 working days before the scheduled start date, or in the case of no-show(s) on the first training day, then one hundred (100%) of the training offer price will be charged.
    • When training is cancelled with less than 15 working days before the scheduled start date, DBSL Campus will invoice the customer for all “non-refundable” booked tickets, hotel reservation, and other travel and living related costs, if relevant.
    • If it is not possible for a participant to continue and complete a course during the stipulated period, DBSL Campus may (at its sole discretion) allow the participant to complete the course during another session. In such circumstances, any fees paid will be transferred to and credited towards the fees payable for an alternate course. If there is a difference in the course pricing, any shortfall of the fees for the alternate course will be payable by the customer for a participant at the registration in such alternate course. No refund of any excess fees paid by a customer for a participant will be made due to a transfer by such a participant from one course to another.
    • For web-based training courses, the customer may not cancel an order after the customer submits an order. Once the order is submitted, the customer is responsible for paying the entire course price.
    • If a participant cannot attend the training as confirmed, a replacement participant may be sent. In this case the new participant is required to meet all the agreed course pre-requisites.
  3. DBSL Campus Cancellation
    • DBSL Campus reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course that fails to attract sufficient participant. The participant will be advised at least two working days in advance via email and/or telephonically.
    • DBSL Campus reserves the right to alter published programs, trainers, fees or venue without prior notice. DBSL Campus also reserves the right to change course instructors without any prior notice to the participants.
    • In the event that training offered by DBSL Campus is cancelled less than 10 days before the training is scheduled to start, or training is discontinued by DBSL Campus, a refund of the training fee shall be made. DBSL Campus shall have no liability for any other costs/expenses/losses incurred as a result of any such cancellation or discontinuance of any training or for any other type of compensation, including any monetary compensation, to the participants.
  4. Ordering, Pricing, Payments and Invoicing
    • The price for training provided is quoted exclusive of all state, local, value-added or other sales taxes; customs; or duties or other charges.
    • Value Added Tax at the rate of 14% is charged on courses attended by South African residents.
    • Participant travel and living expenses are also excluded.
    • All transactions will be processed in ZAR (South African Rands).
    • The acceptable method of payment is via bank deposit or electronic fund transfer.
    • The exact amount must be paid.
    • The payment must be identified by supplying the invoice number, surname or company name in the reference section of the deposit slip or on the electronic transfer.
    • Payments are subject to a clearing period.
    • For training at DBSL Campus locations, the provided prices include the training service provided by certified instructors, training manuals and training attendance certifications.
    • For training at Customer locations, the provided prices include only the training service provided by certified instructors, instructors travel and living expenses, training manuals (one copy per participant), and training attendance certificates.
    • Customer agrees to pay for training according to published prices current as of the date of DBSL Campus acceptance of the training request.
    • All payments, must be paid in full three (3) days prior to commencement of classes.
  5. Assessment
    • All course fees do not include assessment. Where applicable, assessment may be purchased separately. A competency certificate will be issued after successful assessment.
  6. Certificate of Attendance
    • A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all participant who complete a course. Incomplete attendance will result in the forfeiture of the attendance certificate.
  7. Training Times
    • Training times will be weekdays between 08:30 and 16:30, unless alternate arrangements have been agreed to.
    • Training on Saturdays will be arranged separately.
    • Participant need to consider traffic congestion to ensure arrival on time.
    • Training will commence punctually according to scheduled times.
  8. Intellectual Property
    • Ownership of all copyright and other intellectual property right in the DBSL Campus course materials, including any documentation, data, technical information and know-how provided to customers and/or participants as part of the training, remains vested in DBSL Campus. All such information shall be held in confidence and may not be disclosed or copied or shared with third parties without express written permission of DBSL Campus.
    • The intellectual property in our concepts, training courses and workshops remain the property of DBSL Campus and are copyrighted globally.
    • The materials should not be copied, amended, sold, borrowed or taken without consultation and written consent.
  9. Customers Responsibilities and Behaviour
    • DBSL Campus reserves the right to refuse, limit or cancel any training if a customer or participant, in the opinion of DBSL Campus, has displayed unreasonable behaviour or is deemed to be violent, abusive, or disruptive. In such cases, no refund will be made and no cancellation fee will be paid by DBSL Campus.
    • Each participant attending courses on DBSL Campus premises shall comply with all environmental health and safety regulations and procedures and with all site regulations while in attendance at the DBSL Campus premises. Participants shall keep to the designated area for their use. Customers shall remain responsible for the activities and behaviour of the participants while they are on DBSL site.
    • Customers must ensure that all participants have received written confirmation from DBSL Campus to participate in a training event. Unregistered participants are not permitted to view or participate in online, self-paced training, web-based, or classroom training events. DBSL Campus reserves the right to charge or not allow participation by any unregistered participants in any of these training events.
    • DBSL Campus request that cellular phones be switched off during training to reduce disturbances.
    • The classroom environment and requirements for training at the customer locations must be conducive to the training requirements – providing adequate chairs, desks, computers, connectivity and having acceptable environmental conditions for quiet and comfortable training.
    • DBSL Campus assumes that all participants in the training are proficient in the language used for the training. DBSL Campus shall not be obligated in any manner when the lack of training quality is attributable to the lack of prerequisite knowledge or language skills of the participants.
  10. Warranty
    • DBSL Campus warrants that its personnel, and any contractors used by it, are suitably qualified and experienced to perform training.