Business Simulation and Gamification

Gamification is the process of applying gaming designs and concepts to learning in order to make training more engaging and entertaining for learners.

So it is all about – Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

The old saying that “learning can be fun” is truer today than ever before! It is for that reason that our Campus training approach and design include game-based learning to give learners a chance to compete and participate individually in an interactive way and experience the rewards. The increased popularity and usage of gaming techniques can be attributed to the spirit of competition making learning more enjoyable, increasing retention and boost the all-important time-to-competency factor, which stimulates the transfer from the learning situation to the real world of work to achieve on-the-job competence.

To maximise the impact of our training activities we use and embed all kinds of games and gaming activities in tandem with training interventions. We also have stand-alone games which is used to enhance an overall and broader understanding of supply chain and logistics concepts and processes.  Critical cross field outcomes of team interaction, creative problem-solving, critical thinking and communication are achieved in a very effective way through the integration of various elements of games.

Through the engaging, immerse experiences that learning games provide, intrinsic learning motivation is fostered. Immediate feedback is provided and the opportunity of experiential learning increases a learner’s acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitudes, resulting in improved confidence in competence to perform.