Recruitment & Psychometric Assessment

You are a successful business. Placing the right person, in the right place, at the right time is critical to sustain business success. You understand how the right people effect positive change and your organisation thrives on the challenges of a competitive market environment. Turnover due to poor recruitment, costs organisations at least 20% of the annual salary per recruit.

Our newly established Recruitment Consultancy is a recruitment solutions partner to corporates, striving to provide expert recruitment services in attracting, screening, interviewing and assessing potential candidates for vacancies and learnerships.

We offer sourcing and recruitment to fulfil the need to find qualified candidates for vacancies ranging from entry level skill-sets to very unique or niche work experience. Our success of finding high quality learners to complete learnerships in Freight Forwarding, Logistics and related industries are well known.

As shown in the diagram below (©2015 Hay Group), psychometric testing can add significant value to your recruitment process. It adds objectivity, reduces individual biases and can save organisations time and money during and after the recruitment process. According to a study by Harvard University (Richardson, M. A. 2005), approximately 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to mistakes made during the hiring process. Contrary to popular belief, factors such as education, experience and job knowledge are not the most likely predictors of successful candidates. As shown in the diagram below, psychometric tests such as personality and ability tests are the most effective way to predict candidate performance while keeping costs in check.

While the above information is compelling in itself, why else would you use psychometric testing?

1. Validity
Psychometric tests provide accurate measurements of the traits that are directly relevant to the role, providing a fuller picture of the candidate’s ability. These traits are typically more ‘hidden’ and may be hard to capture by other means such as interviews.

Technological advancements of online psychometric tests means that they can be administered, scored and reported on in quicker and more efficient ways than ever before.

While interviews intend to be consistent for all applicants, people are inclined to base their impressions on their emotions and personal preferences. These biases can lead to inaccurate conclusions about the ability of the candidate and hence hiring decisions.

4.Avoiding Costs of Poor-Candidate Selection
Incorrect candidate selection may not only lead to low productivity and counterproductive work behaviours, but may also impact the working morale of those that work in direct contact with this person. Additional costs may be posed to the organisation through accidents, absenteeism and of course staff turnover. Psychometric testing can help reduce these costs by assisting in hiring the right candidate.

Our range of sourcing and recruitment services is anchored in psychometric, ability and competency-based assessments which is used in tandem with a variety of measurement tools to assist in:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Competency-based interviewing
  • Assessing abilities, skills, behaviour, personality attributes, emotional intelligence and evidence based-competence
  • Highlighting strengths and potential
  • Qualified candidate recommendations

We are mindful that psychological assessments are strictly controlled in South Africa and our code of conduct adheres with the ethical guideline of the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). It is our aim to support psychological assessment practices that are rooted in scientific research, but also delivered with professional skill and empathy. We use assessment instruments which are clustered into specific batteries to meet the need of functional role requirements. Most of the instruments we use are registered HPCSA and are proven as valid and reliable, unbiased and used fairly.

Our assessment approach and associated methodology is applicable cross-functionally on various levels, including entry-level, operational specialist, supervisory, managerial. Assessment reports are aligned to role specific functions and competencies, easy to understand, addressing the needs linked to the assessment be it for selection, learnerships or potential for succession.

Behaviours and abilities that we assess:

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Accuracy
  • Problem solving
  • Business reasoning
  • Mental alertness
  • Personality (creativity, change, emotional stability, conscientiousness, team orientation, strategic thinking, analysis, dynamism, influence, sociability)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Management & leadership
  • Integrity (counter-productive work behaviours)
  • Behaviour derailers
  • Entrepreneurial, innovation
  • Strengths assessment