As experts in logistics, our deep understanding of, and insight into the business of logistics is complemented by the fact that the campus is managed and staffed with learning and development experts from within the industry. This creates a unique capability and advantage as we provide learning from the “INSIDE OUT” i.e. directly as logistics experts rather than as a learning provider attempting to facilitate from the “OUTSIDE IN”.

We understand that organisational learning, needs to be relevant to be impactful, directly linked to the real world of work and applied in practice, in order for it to contribute to individual, team and business performance. Therefore, our approach to learning places emphasis on demonstrated competence and applied learning, whilst utilising innovative and meaningful learning methodologies to contribute to the development and growth of our participants.

The DB Schenker Logistics Campus MEA strives to offer a differentiated learning experience that will focus on developing employees through:

  • learning that will spark innovation in participants’ minds
  • growing that will transform actions and behaviours that are observable and experienced by customers and stakeholders
  • succeeding in the discovery of how to cope with change and performance demands

What are we offering?  

The Campus offering supports the dynamic development of skills and behavioural competencies of employees at the various organisational levels and is designed to deepen insight in five target learning areas, namely:

  • Interpersonal – people interaction and behaviour, leading to impactful collaboration and teamwork
  • Operations – technical proficiency specifically within the logistics industry ensuring sound operational know how, capability and readiness
  • Information Technology (IT) – working on support tools and systems to enable performance and the ability to navigate an increasingly digital and technology driven world
  • Management – visionary leadership with the aim to inspire and transform
  • Qualifications – laying a solid knowledge foundation for career progression, leading to confidence and understanding in the field of logistics and general management

How do we deliver training?  

Our blended learning approach, combined with innovative and creative facilitation where theory is offered in tandem with application, learning on the job, integration of work experience, feedback and coaching ensure we meet the individual needs of learners.

Skills transfer is achieved by utilising a range of methods:

  • Self-study
  • E-Learning
  • Virtual classes
  • Classroom training
  • Work integrated learning
  • Business gaming

The Campus delivery methodology and its real world logistics capability is able to reinforce understanding of the key drivers for business success including systemic thinking and cross-functional cooperation across the value and supply chain.

What is the benefit?  

We encourage learners to find their passion for logistics and build a long lasting career in the industry. We contribute to business success through the building of skill and competence. We provide a positive and challenging learning experience that will enhance learners’ competence in their day to day work whilst building readiness for them to accelerate their performance and career.