Prioritise Time & Work for Self and Team


Welcome to this learning programme that will lead the learner to a greater understanding of prioritising time and work for self and team.

Intended Audience
This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to prioritise time and work for self and team. This Unit Standard enables learners to manage time and prioritise tasks in a work environment. This Unit Standard is intended for junior managers of organisations.

Learning outcomes
In this learning programme, we will be covering the following learning outcomes:

Module 1:
Create a task list

  • Explain the purpose of a task list for self and one’s team using examples
  • Produce a task list for the team, sequenced to meet organisational requirements
  • Record information and documentation required on the task list and flag it for further action

Module 2:
Prioritise personal and team tasks

  • Explain the criteria for prioritising tasks according to organisational, personal goals and values
  • Record information systematically in the diary according to generally accepted practice
  • Identify the resources and the acquisition thereof according to the task list

Module 3:
Use and maintain a diary

  • Explain the purpose of keeping a diary with examples
  • Record information systematically in the diary
  • Take actions according to diary entries

Module 4:
Implement and maintain personal and team task list

  • Assign tasks to the team members according to the task list
  • Inform stakeholders of the tasks that affect them
  • Follow the task list and amend it where necessary
  • Add new tasks to the task list where necessary and reprioritise outstanding work
  • Monitor the work of team members to ensure tasks are achieved according to organisational requirements
  • Report completed tasks to the appropriate authority and checked off the task list

During the workshop the learner will complete a number of class activities that will form part of his/her formative assessment. In this the learner has the opportunity to practice and explore new skills in a safe environment. The learner should take the opportunity to gather as much information as he/she can to use during his/her workplace learning and self-study.

The workshop will be followed by summative assessment tasks to be completed through self-study in your workplace. In some cases, the learner may be required to do research and complete the tasks in his/her own time.

Learning Delivery Method
Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course

Unit Standard Alignment
SAQA ID:         242811                                    NQF Level: 4                            Credits: 5
US Title:           Prioritise time & work for self and team


1 Day