Motivation of employees is one of the greatest challenges managers are confronted with in organisations. How are employees in organisations motivated to work as a team in order to achieve organizational goals? The role or importance of motivation must not be underestimated, particularly in the attainment of organisational objectives. Again, the links between motivation and organisational objectives, as well as the roles leaders play are inseparable. In other words, leadership and motivation are intricately tied together. Different employees in different organisations are motivated differently with varied motivational devices by managers who inspire them to act towards achieving organisational goals.

Learning outcomes  

  • Explaining the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels.
  • Explaining and apply theories of motivation in a leadership context.
  • Applying techniques to enhance self motivation and leadership performance.
  • Applying strategies to motivating others in a leadership context.

Learning Delivery Method
Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course

Unit Standard Alignment
SAQA ID:         120389                        NQF Level: 4                            Credits: 6
US Title:           Explain and apply the concept, principles and theories of motivation in a leadership context


1 Day