Over 90 percent of people with HIV/AIDS are in the most productive period of their lives be they workers, managers or employers. In many ways, HIV/AIDS education plays a vital role in its management and therefore should be a key component of any company’s HIV/AIDS strategy. The aim of this workshop is to empower and increase the awareness of participants of HIV/AIDS, its impact, management and availability of support systems. This is to encourage early testing and lifestyle changes that will thereby reduce and prevent further infection.

The disease affects all employees either directly or indirectly and without knowledge about the disease its further spread cannot be prevented. Knowledge about the disease and its transmission is also critical to prevent discrimination against fellow employees who are HIV+. The impact on the workplace is considerable, translating into productivity losses and increased costs to employers due to staff illnesses and deaths, higher health insurance premiums and low morale. Only now are the hidden costs of HIV/AIDS to business coming to light and the benefits of a proactive approach far outweigh the costs of doing nothing.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS, TB and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) in a workplace and its effects on a business sub-sector, own organisation and a specific workplace
  • Understand how HIV/AIDS, TB and STI are transmitted
  • Describe measures to prevent transmission of HIV/Aids and STI’s
  • Know how to support employees with HIV/AIDS
  • Explain the legal aspects as it pertains to HIV/AIDS

Target Group
All employees

Learning Delivery Method
Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course

Unit Standard Alignment
SAQA ID:         13169                          NQF Level: 1                            Credits: 4
US Title:           Describe and discuss issues relating to HIV-AIDS, TB and sexually transmitted illnesses and their impact on the workplace


½ Day