If you would like to know more about DB Schenker’s logistics and transportation services to specific industries at different stages of the supply chain to specific industries, then you have to enroll for the Distribution product training. DB Schenker focuses on different vertical markets and for each market identifies a set of procedures and services which are developed and promoted to its clients. Knowledge of this product is essential for employees and anyone with an involvement in vertical markets to understand the full service offering and operational realities of the distribution business. The module briefly explores essential Distribution and Land Transport topics including operational and commercial aspects.

As the product learning journey reaches its final destination with this module, it aims at providing a mental picture which facilitates an understanding of the integrative nature of DB Schenker’s products in the flow of a supply chain.  This insight gives deeper meaning to the dynamic world of international Freight Forwarding and Logistics practices.

Learning outcomes

  • Facilitate an understanding of the global view of transportation
  • Acquire an understanding of Distribution: past, present and predictions for the way forward
  • Get an overview of the Land Transport/Distribution product mix of DB Schenker
  • Discover how commercial essentials such as pricing, solution design and cost optimisation impact on profitability
  • Reflect on the synergy of activities executed in the end-to-end supply chain to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions from one source

Target Group
Employees, clients and partners who wish to explore and gain a deeper understanding of Land Transport and Distribution as well as its integration in the supply chain

Learning Delivery Method
E-learning and practical, hands-on product workshop

Unit Standard Alignment
The workshop includes credits to the following unit standard:
SAQA ID:         14182                          NQF Level: 3                Credits: 4
US Title:           Comply with organisation ethics

Online self-learning, facilitation, individual exercises, coaching, demonstrations, practical workplace experience.
Summative and formative assessment to obtain credits for US 14182

E-learning: 4 hours
Workshop: 1 day