If you think getting a customer is what it is all about, you need this course, because that is only the beginning. The key is to bring that customer back, again and again. The purpose of this programme is to introduce learners to key concepts, terms and practices appropriate to Customer Relationship Management and to give them the skills to assess level of customer service in their departments. Plans to address problem areas, and improve customer maintenance and service are developed.

Learning outcomes

  • Identifying internal and external customers, where applicable. (The supply chain of the organisation is explained, with examples.) Supply chain includes, but is not limited to, internal and external suppliers and customers, contractors, service providers, consultants and members of the sales team.
    • Explaining standards of customer service expected by the organisation.
    • Measuring customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis
    • Recommending corrective action.

Learning Delivery Method
Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course 

Unit Standard Alignment
SAQA ID:         242829                        NQF Level: 4                Credits: 5
US Title:           Monitor the level of service to a range of customers


1 Day