Business Communication


The objective of this programme is to facilitate the learning of interpersonal communication skills for business people. One of the main problems in business and marketing is the inability of people to communicate effectively. Communication skills are essential to interaction in business and without these, misunderstanding and conflict are inevitable. Effective communication takes preparation, practice and persistence and is a prerequisite for succeeding in business.

An understanding of a range of written and oral communication techiques used in the workplace will be demonstrated. Generally accepted ways of communicating to ensure that your message is understood as intended will be presented as well as the principles which form the basis of interpersonal communication.

You will be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader.   The course will empower you to move beyond your comfort zone and as a presenter manage your audience by delivering clear and structured presentations to get your message across.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand a range of written and oral communication techniques used in the workplace as well as theoretical concepts
  • Lead discussions and chair meetings
  • Generate a variety of workplace reports
  • Deliver impactful presentations

Target Group
Anyone who wants to improve their written and verbal communication skills

Learning Delivery Method
Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course

Unit Standard Alignment
SAQA ID:         12433                          NQF Level: 5                            Credits: 8
US Title:          Use communication techniques effectively


2 Days